Improving student health together

How will you support Healthy Students?

How will you support Healthy Students?

Together the U.S. Department of Education and Health and Human Services released a letter outlining the critical connection between students’ education and health.  In addition, their toolkit outlines practical steps to better support student health in an educational setting. 

All of us here at The Consortium are excited about this joint effort and direction to support student health.  Please consider sharing the Letter and Toolkit with administrators and staff members in your school district.  

We recommend comparing your school district’s LSP against the five high impact opportunities to strengthen the connection between health and education:

  1. Help Eligible Students and Family Members Enroll in Medicaid, CHIP, or the Marketplace.
  2. Provide and Expand Reimbursable Health Services in Schools.
  3. Provide or Expand Services That Support At-Risk Students, Including Through Medicaid-funded Case Management.
  4. Promote Healthy School Practices Through Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health Education.
  5. Build Local Partnerships through Partnering with a School-Based Health Center or Participating in Hospital Community Needs Assessments.

Does your district’s LSP address the high impact opportunities?  Are there areas for improvement? Please contact us if you have questions or if you need help in connecting to available programs or resources.