Improving student health together

Colorado Alliance for School Health

Colorado Alliance for School Health


The Alliance works to bring together health care and education partners work collaboratively to improve the health of students by promoting system changes and sharing important resources.

New! Workforce Resources: CASH members have been working on opportunities to take action to address the school health professional workforce gaps that are occurring throughout our state. This brief includes background on the problem, as well as opportunities for school administrators and policymakers to TAKE ACTION! Please review and share this important information with leaders you work with and encourage them to consider action to address workforce needs.


Advocating for School Health Services: Call to Action

  • The Colorado Alliance for School Health transforms how health care and education partners collaborate to create sustainable systems that result in health equity among all Colorado students.
  • The Alliance was formed in 2016 with support from The Colorado Health Foundation. It will develop an innovative approach to identifying and responding to health needs of districts and schools

We know that physical and behavioral health plays an integral role in the success of all students. When students have access to healthcare, health resources and the check-ups they need, they are less likely to miss school and are able to be present and learn. Having school nurses, mental health providers and other health-related services connected to the school can help make a difference for our students.