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SHS Coordinator Grant

Grant Summary

The Consortium wishes to increase and, or strengthen district participation in the Medicaid School Health Services (SHS) Program. The Coordinator Grant Program provides initial funding to employ a Medicaid SHS Program coordinator that is responsible for the program across two or more school districts, or by means of a collaborative approach with other participating school districts. A single staff member is able to coordinate the SHS program efficiently and effectively with collaboration. The model allows school districts to reduce program administration expenses and maximize reimbursement for health-related services for students. 


Grant Program Details

The Consortium is responsible for the administration of the Coordinator Grant Program. The grant is contingent on completing a Service Agreement between the Consortium and the recipiant school district.

The Consortium will be involved in the hiring processing for the SHS Coordinator; including input for the job description, candidate selection and initial training. After the initial training, the program coordinator is required to be available for follow-up training, support, consultation and any Consortium Member Trainings or Meetings. The Consortium will be instrumental in providing tools and resources to the coordinator for successful program implementation.

Funds are provided over a three year time period to allow the school district(s) or BOCES adequate time to build the program to self-sufficiency. The first year of funding would provide 100% of personnel cost, the second year would provide 65% and the last year would provide 35%. Funding is dependent on school district size and the amount of time required to coordinate the program for all school districts involved. There are additional funds available for any travel expenses related to attending Consortium trainings or meetings.

Based on the step-down funding model, the school districts would need to make a three year commitment to the program. Following the grant funding, the school district(s) or BOCES is expected to be self-sustaining with the SHS Program. The three year time period allows the school district to build reimbursement revenue over time, successfully establish program efficiencies and realize the full reimbursement potential.

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SHS Grant Program Interest Form

The Consortium is gathering information from school districts and BOCES regarding their interest in the SHS Coordinator Grant Project. Please complete the SHS Grant Program Interest Form. Completion of the Interest Form does not function as a formal application; however, it allows The Consortium to assess the level of interest statewide and helps to secure funding for future grant awards.


Grant Application 



Grant Conference Call

Please do not hesitate to contact Karolyn directly with questions.  A conference call will be scheduled in the Spring of 2017 to address general questions and share potential collaboration details with other school districts.  Please send Karolyn an email to receive conference call details.


More Information

For further information, please contact:

Karolyn Tregembo
Program Director
303-217-8460, ext. 228