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News Round-up

News Round-up

The latest news and information related to education, health and wellness from local and national sources.

STARS expands PE offerings at Steamboat schools - Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports is becoming more involved in local schools this year through new adaptive physical education programs.

In Denver, Charters and District Team Up on Special Education - The go-to narrative on the relationship between districts and charter schools is generally one of mistrust and competition, but a few outposts of collaboration between the two are challenging that story line.  Among them is Denver, where an atypical partnership between the district and local charter schools is not only tackling one of the most persistent issues for the charter sector—special education—but may also be plotting a model for the nation.

Suicide assessments jump 600% in some school districts as more kids talk to professionals -  More kids are talking to professionals in schools about suicide, according to several Colorado districts.

In wake of suicides, Golden students promote positive school culture - High school pilots a suicide prevention program for Jeffco Schools.

Colorado Safety Tip Line Aims to Go Nationwide - A Colorado-based anonymous school violence tip line credited with stopping numerous planned attacks is seeking to expand its model to other states.

An app a day keeps the doctor away? Aurora’s Eastridge embraces FLUency kids’ health program - Eastridge Community Elementary School was selected earlier this year to take part in the FLUency program, a new mobile app that allows parents and school officials to keep tabs on kids’ health using smartphone-enabled thermometers.

How an ambitious new program aims to fight poverty and help kids learn, one block at a time - Called “Blocks of Hope,” the effort began in the summer of 2014. It’s modeled on the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City and tackles one of the biggest questions in education: What can be done to mitigate the pernicious effects of poverty on student success?

Summit schools putting Kaiser dollars toward combating obesity - The data continues to roll in: Colorado is fighting a battle — some even grant it the status of an epidemic — not unlike that of the rest of the country, against factors that allow children to become overweight, and worse, obese.

Boulder to give grants for marijuana education - Surveys of Boulder County teenagers show that a substantial majority view binge-drinking as a harmful behavior. A much smaller majority sees regular marijuana use in the same light.