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Job Announcements & Transition

Job Announcements & Transition

Douglas is hiring for a School Medicaid Reimbursement Coordinator. The job posting is available on Douglas’ career website by searching for the job title.

The Consortium is hiring for a Program Director.  The job is posted on the Colorado Nonprofit Job Board, please consider sharing the posting with those that may be interested.

Upcoming Transition -

This summer Alex will be leaving the Consortium and moving out of state, thus creating the opening for the Program Director.  We hope to hire someone into the position while Alex is still here to ensure a smooth transition.  

“After nearly 7 years, it is a bittersweet move, yet I’m excited for my next adventure.  I’m very grateful to have worked with such amazing people and I hope you will stay in touch. You can find me on Linkedin or feel free to reach out to me for my email.” - Alex